Fresh Tri vs. OPTAVIA

October 18, 2023

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Fresh Tri vs. OPTAVIA

Losing weight can feel like an uphill battle, even on the best of days. There are so many different ways to go about weight loss that it’s hard to decide what to do – analysis paralysis strikes and keeps you from even starting. 


At Fresh Tri, we want to see you succeed in your health and wellness goals and, ultimately, live a happier, healthier life. To help and encourage you along the way, we’ve developed a series of articles, like this one, that dive into popular weight loss and behavior change methods. We hope to give you insight into these methods so that you can make the best decision for yourself.


Today we’re talking about Fresh Tri vs. OPTAVIA. Let’s get started!

Overview of OPTAVIA

OPTAVIA describes itself as a weight loss and mindset program that was developed by Medifast and launched in 2002. It uses a multilevel marketing-like approach, where “independent coaches” network and promote the products and coaching services. 


Within this program, OPTAVIA offers a range of meal replacement products that provide the foundation for weight loss. It typically consists of three phases: the weight loss phase (focusing on a major calorie deficit), the transition phase, and the maintenance phase.


Health coaches provide personalized support, guidance, and accountability to OPTAVIA participants as they set and work toward achieving goals. Typically, these coaches have experienced success with OPTAVIA and receive compensation for the number of participants they have enrolled and the number of products they sell.

Overview of Fresh Tri

Fresh Tri is not a weight loss program – there are no required meals, no steep calorie deficit, no rigid plans that can make you feel like a failure. It’s much deeper than that! Fresh Tri is the world’s first science-backed app that leverages the power of the Iterative Mindset MethodTM (IMM) to foster and encourage lasting change. 


This isn’t another preset system designed to change a certain behavior or make you magically lose weight overnight. The IMM takes people out of diet culture and into a place where judgment ceases to exist. Research has shown that practice is the key to long-term change, and we’re here to help you harness this!


People think that they lack willpower and are so hard on themselves that lasting change can feel impossible. But we believe that it’s not your fault, and brain science tells us that it probably isn’t. Your brain, specifically the habenula, actively works against you when things feel hard or difficult – it’s your motivation killswitch. It’s a survival mechanism that does its best to keep you from feeling discomfort.


At Fresh Tri, we believe that you can fine-tune your way to something that works for you. Pick a tri from a preset category and follow the prompts to decide how you want to practice it. There is no failure as long as you stay in effort – keep tri-ing! And iterate your way to sustainable, lifelong change, 

OPTAVIA Features

OPTAVIA operates on a foundation of four components:


  • Independent coaches
  • Community
  • Healthy habit building
  • Clinically proven plans and OpitiVia products


After selecting a coach, participants can choose from several plans depending on their weight loss goals. Each plan consists of several “fuelings” and main meal(s), which are guided by the “Lean & Green” methodology.


The “fuelings” are meal replacement products and are to be consumed every 2-3 hours during the day. Participants must follow a portion-controlled meal plan while participating in an OPTAVIA program. Program pricing depends on the chosen plan, but the weight loss-specific kits cost around $500 monthly. 


Due to the significant calorie deficit, these programs are unsuitable for people who exercise more than 45 minutes daily. 

Fresh Tri Features

Fresh Tri is backed by brain science, and we’ve set up a system that puts the user in charge, creating a simple, supportive environment for you to make the changes you want.


Here is a sneak peek at some of the Fresh Tri features:

Pick your Tri — we’ll guide you through some big-picture categories that help you narrow in on what you want to change first. Then, you’ll select the accompanying activities you think best suit your lifestyle and start practicing!

Set your intention — you get to choose the aspect of good health you want to focus on, then set your specific affirmation that will pop up on your dashboard each time you log in.

Find your Tri(be) — we know that all good things happen in community, and we’ve created an engagement center for you to connect, collaborate, brainstorm, and share. You also get access to individualized support and tons of additional resources to inspire and educate you along the way!

Ready to get started? Download the app today.

Fresh Tri vs. OPTAVIA Feature List

Here is an illustration of Fresh Tri vs. OPTAVIA features.


Approach to change Science-backed nutrition with behavior modification techniques. Exercise is not required but encouraged. The Iterative Mindset Method, a proprietary, research-backed way to change behavior
Research-backed practices
Web-based resources
User-friendly app
Push notifications
Coaching options
Meal planning options X
Calorie tracking X
Fitness tracking X
Weekly reports
Status trackers X
Cost to consumer Plan costs var however, the average participant spends $500+ per month on “fuelings”, meals, and other products. Fresh Tri is available through an employer and free to all employee users
Ratings The OPTAVIA app is rated 4.5 stars on Google Play and 4.7 stars on the App Store.  Fresh Tri’s app is rated 4.6 stars on the App Store and 4.6 stars on Google Play


Who is OPTAVIA Best For?

OPTAVIA may be suited for people who can hold firm to a strict diet plan and are financially able to purchase the foods and products that the plans suggest in order to participate. It is not suited for people who experience or have experienced disordered eating, are very active, or have certain medical conditions. Always consult your medical provider before beginning a weight loss program or changing your diet. 

Who is Fresh Tri Best For?

If you understand that Rome wasn’t built overnight and are willing to iterate your way to lasting change, Fresh Tri is for you. Everyone can benefit from the Iterative Mindset Method, regardless of their specific health and wellness goals. That’s because we are sure that anyone committed to simple, actionable practices can find a way to arrive at a state of well-being that brings them lifelong fulfillment and joy.

Employer Opportunities With Fresh Tri vs. OPTAVIA

OPTAVIA does not offer corporate health and wellness solutions. 


Fresh Tri is a powerful way for employers to advance meaningful change with employees facing various health conditions. The app is perfectly suited as a valuable resource for employee groups of all sizes and makeups and a good option for midsize to enterprise-level organizations.


EXTRA — Fresh Tri was built for employers and has been testing our impact in a study through the CDC – See: Fresh Tri Wins CDC Multi-Year Contract to Build Habit Practice into the Diabetes Prevention Program.


Here are some OPTAVIA user reviews: 


Positive Thoughts!

I’m sorry that these reviewers had poor experiences! I started the program about 9 weeks ago and have lost 35 pounds. I have had nothing but positive interactions with my coach, and the reading material is outstanding. The food is good and there are many, many choices. My wife and I are doing it together and she is down nearly 28 pounds! The founder of the company understands that you won’t stay on it forever, and offers concrete solutions for the future. The material I’m studying is great! Most of it will carry over to life in general, not just food intake. I’ve enjoyed it very much so far!


Trustpilot – Brian B., 4/28/2022


OPTAVIA disappointment

OPTAVIA is a program that sells expensive snacks ($22 for 7 items). You consume 5 snacks a day then eat a meat and green meal. It could be good and I am sure it has worked for some. They are always out of stock on items and delivery could take up to 3 weeks. Huge supply chain failure and they tell you to order other snacks, and of course, the snacks that are available are gross. Coaches aren’t helpful, they just tell you to read a book and drink a lot of water. The customer service is useless.


Trustpilot – Lin, 5/27/2021

Note – many of the negative online reviews are due to poor customer service, expensive products, and the lack of transparency in their autorenewal and refund policies. 

Fresh Tri Reviews

Here are some Fresh Tri user reviews:


I absolutely love this app! It motivates one to live a healthier lifestyle without being pushy. By taking small steps and repeating them, you’re moved to developing new habits. You get to choose various areas to work on such as exercise, boosting immunity, cutting carbs and more. You choose your why; the reason you want to get healthier. There are live and on demand coaching videos on a great number of topics. The app focuses on setting daily (or more often) intentions and expressing gratitude. I highly recommend!!!


App Store – Blk@63, 01/07/2022


So far, from what I’ve explored, this app is limited to motivation, journaling, good-habit building, and community support. For those purposes, I give it a five. The videos are informative; the advice makes sense. I enjoy journaling. I’m not into community sharing and usually skip that. I’m not sure how long I’ll stick with it, but here at the beginning of my diabetes diagnosis, the videos are quite helpful to me. Clean, efficient app, nice graphics. No glitches yet.


Google Play – Deborah, 4/2/2023


Note — some moderately negative online Fresh Tri reviews relate to specific app features or glitchiness from time to time. Something we are always working on.

Cautions About OPTAVIA

There are some important cautions OPTAVIA users should pay attention to. For instance, the cost of the products can quickly add up and the sole reliance on them for nutrition can be detrimental. The caloric deficit that is suggested while on these programs is unsustainable for long periods of time. You should always consult a doctor before starting a weight loss program.

What’s Better: OPTAVIA or Fresh Tri?

There is never any harm in doing your own research when it comes to choosing a weight loss program. It’s important to remember that the program needs to fit you rather than you fitting into it, in order to find sustainable change.


The goal is to find the best way for you to succeed. Start by asking yourself what has and hasn’t worked for you in the past. What helped you succeed? What stalled your progress? 


Health and well-being is a lifelong journey, not a destination. Iterators never fail!

To learn more about Fresh Tri, download the app today.

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