Beat Burnout and Restore Health

Fresh Tri uses new brain science, mindset training, and clinically-proven habits to deliver lasting health and a personalized lifestyle for every individual in your population.

Fresh Tri drives clinical outcomes, high retention and engagement, one mindset at a time. Our brain-based approach delivers sustainable change in health behaviors, especially for high-risk, high-cost individuals.

A fresh approach to health and wellbeing

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Our Iterative Mindset Method™ is proven to create lasting change


Customizable to different target populations and individual needs


Highly effective recruitment, adoption, engagement and retention strategies


All-in-one solution for a wide range of whole health goals


Cost-effective solution for your population’s wellbeing

We want to talk to you about how you can...

Interrupt food cravings

Help your members build healthier, happier lives


Streamline your health and wellness initiatives

Get more sleep

Reduce workforce strain and employee turnover


Lower your healthcare costs

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Supporting team wellness is your mission.
Helping you is our passion
“We were looking for a powerful alternative to conventional behavior-change approaches such as goal-setting, behavior-tracking and incentives, which have proven fleeting or ineffective for many people. The formation of healthy-eating habits through Fresh Tri could be the tip of the iceberg of what’s possible. This science-based model shows that not only can we help people lose weight, but also shift their mindset so that they build resilience and well-being long term.”
David Hoke, Former Senior Director of Associate Health and Well-being at Walmart.
Healthier and happier!

Cost-effective solution for your wellbeing initiatives.

The Iterative Mindset Method™ is helping users build healthy habits.

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Keep reminding myself that diets don’t really work, but that a healthy lifestyle does. Sometimes I get impatient with weight loss and need to keep bringing to my remembrance that slow and steady wins the race. 🐢🏆😊
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Grateful to be down 6 pounds in the last 2 wks (25.8 total) I feel like I'm finally getting my mindset aligned with my goals. Eating much healthier - everything in moderation through - and exercising very regularly. Lowest weight in 3 years and for the first time, I'm confident I can keep going!
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I am grateful for my ability to persevere. Before this app I would have been depressed all day about my late night binge last night but today I feel like it is a new day and I am ready to move forward
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I have lost 15 pounds…my blood pressure has gotten so much better, the doctors removed me off one of my medications.
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So grateful for Fresh Tri. I ate too much ice cream last night but due to the healthy habits I created here, I didnt gain weight and I have a surplus of clothes that fit. Still have weight to lose but the Fresh Tri life is a good one!