Build healthy, daily habits and change your mindset—for life.

Finally, a fresh solution, just for you!

Fresh Tri is a science-backed health and wellness program that helps you build a healthy, lasting lifestyle you love.

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Fresh Tri is not a diet.

“Dieting” is often short-term, unsustainable, and ends in failure.

Instead, Fresh Tri supports creating healthy habits tailored to the lifestyle you want. To build your habits, you’ll learn the Iterative Mindset Method™—a powerful new mindset that protects you from feelings of failure, allows you to keep going, and encourages you to keep trying new healthy habits, no matter what.

We focus on healthy habits at Fresh Tri because—unlike dieting—habits work with your brain to sustain healthy changes. Dieting uses quick fixes like goal-setting, tracking, and restrictions. These methods work against your brain and eventually set you up for failure.

Adapting and adjusting to your changing needs, Fresh Tri will help you learn how to create healthy habits that naturally become your way of life.

Imagine a life with no guilt, shame, or failure. 

‌The key to lasting behavior change is Iteration. [it-uh-rey-shuhn]

Strange word, powerful results.

Iteration means trying, tweaking, and adapting. It changes the game and makes you unstoppable. 

Blame the brain, not yourself

The problem is the habenula—the part of your brain that remembers failure and acts like a killswitch for your motivation. Most popular health and wellness programs ignore the true impact of the brain’s influence on feelings of failure or habit behaviors.

Fresh Tri is designed to work with your brain—to avoid or undo feelings of failure while you build lifelong healthy habits.

Grounded in brain science

Our proven Iterative Mindset Method™ is a groundbreaking, practice-and-tweak approach to long-lasting, healthy habit creation and lifestyle change.

No one changes alone

Users support each other in a positive and safe community.  Build momentum through the support of the Fresh Tri community–a transformational experience reminding you that you’re never alone.

Whole health habits

Weight loss isn’t everything. Fresh Tri has hundreds of clinically effective health habits to serve the whole health of an individual—in areas of movement, stress management, healthy eating, and positive thinking.

Fresh Tri is redefining what success looks like—as long as you’re trying, you’re winning.

For Everybody, For Free

The journey to better health shouldn’t cost anything. That’s why Fresh Tri is currently free but also 100% secure and 100% confidential. There’s no catch

Fresh Tri uses an innovative, science-based approach called the Iterative Mindset Method™ to help you build healthy habits that can drive weight loss, boost mental health, and improve overall well-being.

Supporting Healthy Habits
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Iterators never fail!

With Fresh Tri there is no “fail,” only practice and iteration. Everything you try is a success because it either moves you forward or shows you what to adjust.

Fresh Tri is redefining what success looks like — as long as you're trying, you're winning.

The Iterative Mindset Method™ is helping users build healthy habits.

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Keep reminding myself that diets don’t really work, but that a healthy lifestyle does. Sometimes I get impatient with weight loss and need to keep bringing to my remembrance that slow and steady wins the race. 🐢🏆😊
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Grateful to be down 6 pounds in the last 2 wks (25.8 total) I feel like I'm finally getting my mindset aligned with my goals. Eating much healthier - everything in moderation through - and exercising very regularly. Lowest weight in 3 years and for the first time, I'm confident I can keep going!
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I am grateful for my ability to persevere. Before this app I would have been depressed all day about my late night binge last night but today I feel like it is a new day and I am ready to move forward
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I have lost 15 pounds…my blood pressure has gotten so much better, the doctors removed me off one of my medications.
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So grateful for Fresh Tri. I ate too much ice cream last night but due to the healthy habits I created here, I didnt gain weight and I have a surplus of clothes that fit. Still have weight to lose but the Fresh Tri life is a good one!