Helping free the world from feelings of failure.

Meet the inventors and supporters of the revolutionary, brain science based habit change method.

Company Overview

Fresh Tri is a technology company rooted in brain science with offerings leveraging mindset, practice, and iteration that invite people to test-drive healthy, evidence-based habits, removing the guesswork and feelings of failure that can often accompany lifestyle change. Fresh Tri empowers users to be unstoppable by iterating their way to better health. There is no “fail” — only practice and iteration. Fresh Tri uses a simple, positive approach based on the science of habit formation and lasting behavior change.

Our Mission

Culturally, we are bombarded with harmful messages every day that we are failures when it comes to our health and well-being. In many cases, some brands and organizations that position themselves as the solution are, in reality, part of the problem. 

With promises of quick fixes, we say yes to programs that often promote disordered health habits and perpetuate those feelings of failure. What we don’t realize is they rely on our failure, so we remain dependent on them. And it’s this cycle of dependency that fuels their profitability. 

Our mission at Fresh Tri is to disrupt this toxic cycle and make whole health accessible through our work with like-minded organizations and individuals. Through our free app and our neuroscience-backed Iterative Mindset Method™, the path to lasting behavioral change — and happier, healthier lives — is possible.

Our Team

Our philosophy is simple — hire a team of diverse, passionate people and foster a culture
that empowers you to do best work.

Kyra Bobinet, MD, MPH

Founder | Chief Executive Officer

Josh Leichter, JD

Chief Operating Officer

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David Hoke

Institute Director

Sara Hoverson, MS, CN, CIC®, NBC-HWC

Director, Behavior Change Operations

Mallory Rowell, MS, RN

Director, Research Strategy

John Beck

Director of Experience Design

Jeff Jureller

Director of Product Management

Kristina Selinski

Lead Product Designer

Melissa Brandt

Manager, People & Culture

Dakota Tan

Associate Product Manager

Abby Schmalz

Associate Project Manager

Addison Doporto

Business and Legal Associate

Fresh Tri Advisory Board

The Fresh Tri Advisory Board provides strategic guidance to the company’s leadership team.