Forbes: Why Good Nutritional Habits Can Make or Break Your Beauty Routine

October 8, 2018

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At Fresh Tri, we believe that creating lasting, healthy nutritional habits can positively impact every aspect of your life. In a compelling interview with Forbes in October of 2018, our visionary founder and CEO, Dr. Kyra Bobinet, discussed the keys to achieving vibrant well-being through mindful nutrition. We understand that the choices we make regarding our eating habits can significantly impact our overall health, skin texture, elasticity, and hormone balance. To bridge the Brain-Behavior Gap and promote long-lasting, healthy nutritional habits, Dr. Bobinet and her team at engagedIN have developed the groundbreaking app, Fresh Tri. In this blog, we explore the insights shared by Dr. Bobinet during the interview and the transformative power of Fresh Tri in promoting a nourishing and sustainable lifestyle.

The Impact of Nutrition on Well-Being

Dr. Bobinet highlighted the profound impact of nutrition on overall well-being. Poor eating habits, such as consuming processed foods and an imbalance of proteins, fats, and carbs, can lead to issues with skin texture, elasticity, and vibrancy. Furthermore, suboptimal nutrition can disrupt your body’s natural hormone balance, impacting various aspects of health.

The Brain-Behavior Gap

Dr. Bobinet aptly referred to the gap between knowing what to do and actually doing it as the Brain-Behavior Gap. This disconnect often hinders individuals from achieving their desired results. At Fresh Tri, we understand that closing this gap is crucial for fostering lasting behavior change and embracing healthier nutritional habits.

Introducing Fresh Tri

Fresh Tri is a revolutionary app designed by Dr. Kyra Bobinet and her team at engagedIN. It acts as a practice and iteration game, removing the guesswork and feelings of failure associated with adopting new habits. Through Fresh Tri, users can experiment with healthy habits, discover what works best for them, and pave their own way to success.

Empowering Users to Find Their Path to Success

Fresh Tri is an empowering platform that empowers users to test and adopt healthy nutritional habits without fear of failure. By removing the burden of self-doubt, our app encourages experimentation and iteration, allowing individuals to find the habits that resonate best with their well-being.

Promoting Long-Lasting Habits

At Fresh Tri, we believe in promoting habits that stand the test of time. Our app is designed to cultivate long-lasting, healthy nutritional habits, ensuring that the positive changes individuals make become an integral part of their lifestyle.

Fresh Tri  is a transformative tool in fostering lasting, healthy nutritional habits. Through Fresh Tri, we bridge the Brain-Behavior Gap, empowering users to experiment, embrace self-discovery, and find their path to success. With a focus on cultivating long-lasting habits, Fresh Tri enables individuals to embrace a nourishing and sustainable lifestyle, enhancing their overall well-being and vibrancy. Together, let us embark on a journey of mindful nutrition, supported by Fresh Tri’s innovative and empowering solutions.

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