MegaMinds Podcast—A Scientist’s Secrets To Behavior Design (How to Create Good Habits to Thrive in Business & Life with Dr. Kyra Bobinet)

January 19, 2024

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In her recent engaging interview on the MegaMinds—E-Commerce Growth & Personal Development Podcast with Evan Bryce, Dr. Kyra Bobinet, founder and CEO of Fresh Tri, delves into the secrets of maintaining effort across various aspects of our lives. As we embark on a new year filled with resolutions, Dr. Bobinet sheds light on the biggest myths in behavior change and introduces the Iterative Mindset Method™ to foster healthy, sustainable transformations.

Dispelling Myths in Behavior Change

Dr. Bobinet addresses the prevalent myths surrounding behavior change, emphasizing that the quest for the perfect app, program, diet, or workout partner is inherently flawed. These performative-based solutions activate the habenula brain region, a tiny yet powerful area responsible for detecting failure. This activation often leads to a loss of motivation, explaining the familiar cycle of abandoned resolutions by February.

The Safe Approach to Goal Achievement

To circumvent the pitfalls of firing the habenula, Dr. Bobinet advocates for an iterative approach. The Iterative Mindset Method™ encourages individuals to continuously evaluate and tweak their routines, ensuring that they remain aligned with their evolving needs and goals. This method promotes sustained effort by preventing the stagnation that often accompanies rigid plans.

Understanding the Know-Do Gap

Evan Bryce prompts Dr. Bobinet to unravel the mystery behind the “Know-do Gap,” where individuals struggle to translate knowledge into action. Dr. Bobinet attributes this secret, silent phenomenon to the habenula, which tends to activate in response to subconscious notions of failure. Recognizing the Know-do Gap and neutralizing the habenula’s influence involves strategic, inspiring self-talk and reframing language to inspire motivation. Dr. Bobinet shared the following self-talk strategy examples.

  • “Tomorrow is a new day.”
  • “This has happened before. I can get through this.”
  • “Maybe it isn’t so bad. There is some positivity in this situation.”

Staying Afloat in the Information Overload

In today’s fast-paced world, staying informed is crucial, but the influx of information can be overwhelming. Evan Bryce underscores the importance of focusing on goals and priorities amidst the constant changes. “If you try to do everything, in effect you do nothing”, advising to concentrate on strengths, gradually expanding comfort zones while iterating along the way.

Iterative Resilience

Dr. Bobinet concludes by emphasizing that failure is an inevitable part of both professional and personal life. The key lies in learning from failures, identifying effective strategies, and iterating or tweaking approaches. This iterative resilience fosters sustainability in efforts, facilitates behavior change, and nurtures the formation of healthy habits.

In conclusion, Dr. Kyra Bobinet’s insights offer a refreshing perspective on navigating the complexities of behavior change and goal achievement. By dispelling myths, understanding the know-do gap, and embracing an iterative mindset, individuals can forge a path toward sustainable success. The full podcast provides a comprehensive exploration of these concepts, empowering readers to approach their resolutions with newfound clarity and resilience.

Listen to the full podcast here.

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