KXEL Live & Local: Interview of Dr. Kyra Bobinet, Author of “Unstoppable Brain”

February 7, 2024

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Fresh Tri’s CEO and Founder, Dr. Kyra Bobinet, recently engaged in a thought-provoking conversation with Jeff Stein on the KXEL Live & Local radio show. In this insightful dialogue, Dr. Bobinet and Jeff delved into the intriguing realm of the human brain, focusing on the habenula and its profound impact on our daily lives.

Understanding the Habenula

Have you ever found yourself knowing what you should do but struggling to follow through? Jeff Stein shared a relatable experience from a recent doctor’s visit where he confessed to knowing the importance of exercise but found himself lacking motivation to physically follow through. Dr. Bobinet shed light on this common dilemma by introducing the habenula, a small yet significant area of the brain.

The habenula serves as both a failure alarm and a motivation kill switch. Dr. Bobinet explained that when we perceive failure, whether consciously or subconsciously, the habenula is triggered, dampening our motivation to persist in our efforts. This is the reason Jeff, and countless others, experience this Know-do-Gap.

The Havoc Wreaked by the Habenula

Dr. Bobinet emphasized that the influence of the habenula extends far beyond health and wellness, permeating virtually every aspect of our lives. Whether it’s fulfilling responsibilities at home, nurturing relationships, or pursuing personal goals, the habenula can cast a shadow of demotivation when we falter in our endeavors.

From Sports to Everyday Life

Surprisingly, the habenula even made its presence felt during the highly anticipated 2024 Super Bowl showdown between the Chiefs and the 49ers. Dr. Bobinet illustrated how shifts in momentum during the game mirrored the activation of the habenula. The key takeaway? Avoid dwelling on perceived failure or loss, as doing so risks triggering the habenula and sapping your motivation to pursue.

Unlocking Your Unstoppable Brain

Amidst discussions of the habenula’s influence, Dr. Bobinet offered a beacon of hope with her sophomore book, “Unstoppable Brain.” Set to launch this year, the book promises to unveil strategies for overcoming the grip of the habenula through iterative practices. By embracing a mindset of continuous adaptation and tweaking, individuals can effectively manage and even sidestep the detrimental effects of the habenula.

In conclusion, Dr. Kyra Bobinet’s exploration of the habenula on KXEL Live & Local provides valuable insights for navigating the complexities of human behavior. As we eagerly await the release of “Unstoppable Brain,” let us embark on a journey of self-discovery and resilience, armed with the knowledge to overcome our inner obstacles and unlock our full potential.

Listen to the full interview here.

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