Innovation and Leadership: CEO and Founder of engagedIN, Dr. Kyra Bobinet

October 8, 2019

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At Fresh Tri, our commitment to empowering individuals to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives is fueled by innovation and leadership. On October 30, 2019, Fresh Tri’s founder and CEO, Dr. Kyra Bobinet, had the privilege of being featured on Jess Larsen’s Innovation and Leadership podcast. During this enlightening conversation, Dr. Bobinet shared her remarkable career journey, the vision driving her work, and the genesis of Fresh Tri. In this blog, we delve into the key insights she touched upon, from the transformative power of food to building healthy habits and our impactful partnership with Walmart.

Reimagining Public Health Levers

Dr. Bobinet’s vision for public health extends beyond conventional approaches. During the podcast, she discussed the importance of changing various public health levers, with a special focus on food. Recognizing food as a powerful lever that touches every aspect of society—from the economy to social norms and even epidemics—Fresh Tri aims to contribute to a movement towards a healthier and more sustainable future.

Returning to Wholesome Food

In a world that has deviated from the chemical era, Dr. Bobinet emphasized the significance of returning to food that is truly good for our bodies. At Fresh Tri, we advocate for nourishing our bodies with wholesome and nourishing foods that support our overall well-being.

Building Healthy Habits for Resilience

Change is inevitable, and Dr. Bobinet stressed the importance of building healthy habits to help us adapt and thrive in the face of challenges. The podcast touched on the intricacies of the habenula, the role of failure, the subconscious mind, and motivation. Understanding these factors enables individuals to embrace a growth mindset and embark on a journey of continuous improvement.

The Power of Iterations

Dr. Bobinet highlighted the essence of continuous improvement. At Fresh Tri, we believe that there is no single finish line in the journey to healthier living. By embracing the concept of continued iterations, we foster a culture of progress and resilience.

Fresh Tri’s Impactful Partnership with Walmart

During the podcast, Dr. Bobinet also discussed our notable partnership with Walmart. Collaborating with Walmart allows us to extend our reach and impact, making Fresh Tri’s innovative solutions more accessible to a broader audience. Together, we aim to drive positive change and support individuals in achieving their health and wellness goals.

Dr. Kyra Bobinet’s appearance on Jess Larsen’s Innovation and Leadership podcast unveiled the essence of Fresh Tri’s vision and mission. Our commitment to innovation, leadership, and transformative change shines through as we reimagine public health levers, return to wholesome food, and build healthy habits for resilience. At Fresh Tri, we recognize the power of continuous improvement and embrace the journey of iterations in our pursuit of healthier living. Our partnership with Walmart further amplifies our impact, enabling us to reach more individuals and communities with our compassionate and effective approach. Together, we aspire to create a healthier, happier future for all.

Listen to the full podcast here.

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