Fresh Tri’s Revolutionary App: Embracing Neuroscience for Successful Behavior Change

September 8, 2018

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At the Health 2.0 conference in Santa Clara, healthcare professionals from various backgrounds came together to discuss their innovative approaches to digital therapeutics. Among these esteemed speakers was Dr. Kyra Bobinet, President, and CEO of Fresh Tri, whose contributions to the conference were lauded by MedCityNews. During the event, Dr. Bobinet, alongside David Hoke, Senior Director of Associate Health and Well-being at Walmart, made an exciting announcement—Fresh Tri’s app-based wellness and health application is set to launch in 4,700 Walmart stores nationwide. In this blog, we delve into the groundbreaking features of the Fresh Tri app and its unique approach to supporting successful behavior change.

Setting Goals for Success

Fresh Tri’s app empowers users to set nutrition or fitness goals with a clear reason behind each objective. By understanding the purpose behind their aspirations, individuals gain deeper motivation and focus on achieving their desired outcomes.

Clinically Validated Tasks for Progress

To ensure tangible progress, Fresh Tri provides users with clinically validated tasks tailored to their specific goals. These tasks serve as milestones that guide users towards reaching their objectives in a structured and evidence-based manner.

Embracing Iteration

Dr. Bobinet emphasized the power of iteration in achieving lasting behavior change. Rather than becoming discouraged by initial setbacks, Fresh Tri encourages users to adapt and tweak their behaviors if they no longer serve their needs. This iterative process aligns with how the brain naturally works, promoting resilience and determination.

Neuroscience in Action

Dr. Bobinet shared insights from neuroscience, revealing that people often fail because they give up too soon. The Fresh Tri app has been thoughtfully designed to counter this trend by fostering a supportive environment for continuous improvement and progress. By working with the brain’s natural tendencies, users are more likely to sustain their efforts and achieve their goals.

Empowering Users to Thrive

Fresh Tri’s app allows users to collaborate with their brains rather than fighting against them. By aligning with neuroscience principles, the app encourages individuals to stay motivated and driven on their journey towards healthier habits.

Fresh Tri’s app is set to revolutionize behavior change with its neuroscience-based approach. By setting clear goals, providing clinically validated tasks, and embracing iteration, users are empowered to achieve lasting success. With the Fresh Tri app launching in Walmart stores nationwide, this transformative solution will be more accessible than ever before. Embrace the power of neuroscience and embark on a journey of positive and sustainable behavior change with Fresh Tri’s innovative app. Together, let us thrive and embrace a healthier, happier future.


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