Fresh Start: Mid-Year Check-In

August 14, 2023

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Fresh Start: Mid-Year Check-In

Congratulations – you’ve made it halfway! This time of year presents an excellent opportunity to pause and reflect on our health and wellness journey so far.


There’s a pretty good chance that you set some ambitious goals when the new year began. If you’re feeling a little discouraged in your progress so far, don’t stress. The enthusiasm may have faded, and your plans may need some adjusting. It may be time for a fresh start.


The traditional goal-setting methods haven’t been serving you well. It’s time to find an alternative approach – one that offers a more iterative approach. 


This blog post explores how a mid-year check-in and an iterative approach to goal setting can help you achieve lasting health and well-being. Read on!

The Mid-Year Evaluation

A new calendar year always ushers in a sense of possibility where we set bold goals. As we greet the midway point of the year, it presents a natural pause, allowing us to reflect on how far we’ve come. Have I made strides in my fitness routine? Learned a new skill? Strengthened relationships or let some go? 


Don’t get discouraged if you feel like you’ve stumbled through your new year’s resolutions so far – even if you haven’t made as much progress as you’d like. Unforeseen obstacles can get in the way of us traveling our chosen path. 


But that’s okay – you haven’t failed. Traditional goal setting has failed you.


Take a moment to acknowledge these perceived setbacks. This shift in mindset can present an opportunity for iteration and, ultimately, growth. 

Reconsidering Traditional Goal-Setting

It can be disappointing when we don’t reach the goals we’ve set out for ourselves. We feel like we’ve failed or didn’t try hard enough – but this simply isn’t the case. 


Traditional goal setting is rigid and based on a performance mindset. We end up frustrated and disappointed with fixed goals, even when the circumstances are out of our control. 


We need a better way of setting goals where success isn’t measured by whether or not you hit your goal. By accepting that change is constant and being willing to pivot, we can position ourselves to respond effectively to the twists and turns of our lives. 


Here is where the concept of an iterative mindset comes into play. 

The Power of the Iterative Mindset Method(TM)

What would you say if you knew there was a way to embrace a fluid, adaptive approach to change? Where do we stop viewing goals as concrete, immovable endpoints and “tri” our way through new goals?


The Iterative Mindset Method is a neuroscience-backed method that encourages us to take small steps toward our goals every day. It asks us to embrace a “practice and tweak” methodology which helps us iterate toward lasting change. No guilt, shame, or failure, just trying, tweaking, and trying again. With Fresh Tri, there is no “fail,” only practice and iteration.


By adopting this mindset, we free ourselves from the weight of unattainable perfection. We can find joy in the pursuit of progress. No matter your goals, the Iterative Mindset Method can help you unlock the path to creating healthy habits that stick. 


To help you along the way, we’ve created the Fresh Tri app. This app is designed for the habenula, the motivational kill switch, and will grow and change with you as you stay in effort. It offers gentle nudges and reminders to help you stay on track with your chosen goals. Everything from creating healthy food habits to diabetes prevention can be iterated on with the Fresh Tri app.


It’s never too late for a fresh start.

Wellness Is A Lifelong Pursuit

Wellness is not a one-time achievement; it’s a journey. Every choice you make, day in and day out, can compound to create lasting change, so it’s essential to be mindful of the decisions you make. 


Various elements of health and wellness make up the foundation of your overall well-being – physical, mental, and emotional. To navigate these pillars of well-being, let’s embrace the ebb and flow of change with an iterative mindset. This way, you’ll be less likely to fall off track when things don’t go as planned. Your open-minded approach will support you as you iterate toward lifelong wellness. 

Practice Self-Compassion

Our journey is uniquely our own, and setbacks are part of the path toward lasting health and wellness. With that, it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of self-criticism. If we fall or stumble along the way, we may engage in negative self-talk that only adds salt to our wounds. 


Self-compassion plays a significant role in maintaining motivation and resilience. Our health and wellness journey needs it! Without self-compassion, our brains (thanks to the habenula) will talk us out of doing anything that feels difficult, like changing habits or trying something new. 


In the same way that we would encourage and uplift a friend, we must extend ourselves the same kindness. Acknowledge that perfection is near impossible and that we cannot fail if we continue to try. This mindset allows us to stay resilient in the face of adversity. 

Set New Intentions

Now that we’ve gained some wisdom from our mid-year evaluation, the opportunity to adjust our sails and get back on course presents itself. We can set new intentions or refine our goals to better support our well-being. 


At the beginning of the new year, we are ambitious with our goal setting. Now that we’re halfway through, it will benefit us to set achievable and adaptable goals. Realistic goals and an iterative mindset give us a compass to correct course as needed. Whether you’re aiming for greater mindfulness or cultivating healthier habits, the iterative mindset equips us to chart an intentional path forward.

Mid-Year Check-In – Time For A Fresh Start

The mid-year check-in is a valuable piece of the puzzle for creating healthy choices and benefitting our overall well-being. It gives us a moment of pause to reflect, recalibrate, and remind ourselves of the power of an iterative mindset. 


Adopting an open and flexible mindset, using the Iterative Mindset Method, allows us to approach our wellness journey with curiosity, adaptability, and self-compassion. 


Will you commit to a fresh start with the Iterative Mindset Method?  With this approach, the sky is the limit.  Because iterators never fail.


Download the app today and start “tri-ing”. 

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