engagedIN and Walmart Partner Launch Fresh Tri: DocPreneur Podcast

November 7, 2018

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In November of 2018, Fresh Tri’s esteemed President and CEO, Dr. Kyra Bobinet, joined the DocPreneur Leadership Podcast to discuss engagedIN’s groundbreaking announcement of Fresh Tri—a practice app for science-based healthy habits. This transformative platform was developed in partnership with Walmart to empower associates and customers in their journey towards positive behavior change, starting with healthy eating. In this blog, we delve into the insights shared by Dr. Bobinet, highlighting Fresh Tri’s unique approach, which utilizes neuroscience, compassion design, and mindfulness science to bridge the brain-behavior gap and drive lasting, healthy habits.

A Transformative Partnership with Walmart

Fresh Tri’s journey began with engagedIN’s partnership with Walmart. As a result of this collaboration, Fresh Tri was introduced to associates and customers, offering them an innovative tool to empower effective behavior change. The platform curates science-based healthy habits proven effective through scientific studies and crowdsourced success stories from Walmart associates who experienced dramatic life changes.

Cultivating the Iterative Mindset

At Fresh Tri, we believe in the power of the iterative mindset. By focusing on practice and experimentation, individuals can achieve long-lasting, healthy habits. We steer users away from brain areas that hinder motivation, removing feelings of failure and self-blame from the behavior change process.

Bridging the Brain-Behavior Gap

Fresh Tri’s success lies in leveraging behavioral neuroscience and rigorous literature reviews to design a platform that aligns with how the brain functions during habit formation. Our app bridges the gap between individuals’ aspirations and their actual behaviors, guiding users towards behaviors that have demonstrated success for others with similar goals.

Game-Like Interfaces for Engaging Experiences

Fresh Tri employs game-like interfaces to make the journey towards healthy habits enjoyable and engaging. By transforming the process into a fun and exciting experience, we motivate users to test-drive different behaviors and iterate on them as needed to find what ultimately sticks.

Compassion Design and Mindfulness Science

Compassion design is at the heart of Fresh Tri’s approach. We understand that self-compassion is essential for overcoming setbacks and sustaining behavior change. Our platform encourages users to be kind to themselves throughout their journey.

Fresh Tri, the practice app for science-based healthy habits, is a testament to Fresh Tri’s dedication to empowering effective behavior change. Developed in partnership with Walmart, our platform harnesses the power of neuroscience, compassion design, and mindfulness science to bridge the brain-behavior gap and drive lasting, positive habits. With engaging interfaces and a focus on the iterative mindset, Fresh Tri empowers users to experiment, embrace self-compassion, and discover the habits that truly resonate with their well-being. Together, let us embark on a transformative journey towards healthier lives, supported by Fresh Tri’s innovative and empowering solutions.


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