Matt Belair Podcast: Embracing Brain Science for a Purposeful Life

January 7, 2023

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In January of 2023, the insightful Dr. Kyra Bobinet, President and CEO of Fresh Tri, had an engaging conversation with Matthew Belair on his podcast. During this captivating discussion, they explored the fascinating world of brain science and how it supports living a purposeful life. Let’s dive into the key highlights from this enlightening conversation and discover the transformative power of understanding our brains.

A Spiritual Awakening

Dr. Bobinet shared her profound spiritual awakening, which fueled her curiosity about the human brain and behavior. This awakening became the driving force behind Fresh Tri’s innovative approach to behavior change.

The Learning Mindset vs. Performative Mindset

One of the intriguing topics discussed was the distinction between the learning mindset and the performative mindset. Dr. Bobinet emphasized the importance of embracing a learning mindset to foster growth and resilience in our lives.

Understanding the Habenula

Delving into neuroscience, Dr. Bobinet touched on the habenula, shedding light on its role in our behavior change and habit formation. Understanding the brain’s intricate mechanisms empowers us to navigate life with more clarity and purpose.

Entrepreneurial Resilience

Dr. Bobinet highlighted how entrepreneurs possess a unique resilience that allows them to remain almost immune to naysayers. This mindset enables entrepreneurs to stay focused on their vision and navigate challenges with determination.

The Power of Iteration

The conversation also explored the concept of iteration – the process of adjusting and playing with our goals. Dr. Bobinet revealed how this iterative approach can lead to profound growth and transformation.

Finding Peace in Life

Dr. Bobinet shared insights on how to move through life more peacefully, embracing the challenges and joys that come our way. By understanding our emotions and channels of experience, we can cultivate inner peace.

The Main Mantra: Getting Back Up

Emphasizing the importance of resilience, Dr. Bobinet shared her main mantra – “getting back up.” This powerful mindset empowers us to persevere through setbacks and keep moving forward.

The conversation between Dr. Kyra Bobinet and Matthew Belair provided a window into the captivating world of brain science and how it supports living a purposeful life. Fresh Tri’s visionary CEO showcased the power of understanding our brains and harnessing that knowledge to cultivate growth, resilience, and inner peace. As we embrace the learning mindset, iterate on our goals, and stay persistent in our pursuits, we can unlock the true potential of our lives. Join us on this transformative journey with Fresh Tri, as we navigate the complexities of life with a deeper understanding of our brains and a renewed sense of purpose.


Watch the full podcast episode here.

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