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August 8, 2023

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Four Foods to Boost Your Immune System and Fight Viruses

Incorporating certain foods into your diet can help enhance your immune system’s ability to detect and eliminate viruses more efficiently. Including simple foods in your meal plans can assist in warding off various viruses such as the flu.

Turn Your Kitchen Into a Pharmacy: Four Foods That Defend and Fight Viruses

Today, many are asking “How can I stay healthy?” While there isn’t one perfect answer, one of the best ways to start boosting your immune system is with your diet. It’s time to turn your kitchen into a pharmacy; let’s explore some foods that can help stop viruses in their tracks.


Mushrooms have a ton of health benefits. They can supercharge a particular cell in your body. This cell is called a natural killer cell, known to fend off viruses and enhance your immune system’s ability to protect you.

Mushrooms can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. One great option is to add sauteed mushrooms to your egg scramble or omelets to get in those nutrients early in the day. Mushrooms have a fleshy texture which makes them a great substitute for meat in dishes. One option is to grill portobello mushrooms and make them into vegetarian patty burgers. Yum!


Next on the list of virus-fighting foods are berries. Predominantly dark-skinned berries like blueberries, blackberries and even purple grapes can potentially offer potent protection against viruses. If you happen to catch a cold or the flu, the nutrients in these fruits can sometimes shorten the duration and the severity of your illness.

Berries can be eaten fresh, exactly the way they are, making them a perfect on-the-go snack. They can also be added to just about anything like yogurt, oatmeal, cereal, or even salads. There are also frozen berries, which are just as nutritious and good for you as the fresh kind. Frozen berries make especially great additions to smoothies because you can leave out the ice. If you’re looking for a more convenient and affordable option, check the freezer aisle in the grocery store.

Green Tea

Green tea has been studied for hundreds of years for its health benefits. More recently, studies have shown that the nutrients in green tea have potent virus-killing effects. You can drink green tea hot or iced. It contains some caffeine which makes it a great option for a morning energy drink. You can also find green tea powder, which can easily be added to a morning smoothie. If you throw in some of those frozen berries too, you get a double boost in antiviral superfoods!


Fresh ginger has been shown to have antiviral activity. Ginger is an excellent ingredient because it is so versatile. You can chop it into stir-fries and soup, grate it for a marinade or blend it into a zesty sauce. If you are looking to make ginger tea, boil the root and add a bit of lemon and honey. If you prefer store-bought tea bags, keep an eye out for a green tea and ginger mix for a double dose of virus-fighting nutrients!

Boost Your Immune System: Why Lifestyle Choices & Proper Nutrition Are Key to Staying Healthy

We know the immune system plays a vital role in keeping our body healthy and preventing illnesses. However, sometimes our immune system is overrun by germs and bad bacteria, and we end up getting sick. Lifestyle choices and proper nutrition are key to staying healthy. Boost your immune system by building healthy habits around food, sleep, and exercise to help your body protect itself.



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