Fresh Tri vs. WeightWatchers

May 15, 2023

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It’s important to understand how different weight loss or behavior change systems work. Let’s talk Fresh Tri vs. WeightWatchers.

Overview of WeightWatchers

For more than 55 years, WeightWatchers, more recently known as WW, has been a household name in the weight loss and wellness space.

WeightWatchers is well-known for its points-based weight loss system that allows for flexibility in a diet plan – there are no off-limit foods. Science-backed personalized nutrition plans are developed based on a person’s height, weight, age, and activity level. Members are inspired to lead a more active lifestyle, drink more water, get better quality sleep, and eat healthier with the WeightWatchers approach.

What began as a paper and pen weight loss program has transformed into an app-based community for its members to encourage and cheer each other on in their weight loss journey. Search for and track foods, log exercise and meditation, and access 24/7 live coach chat all within the app. In-person workshops and expert-led virtual events help members with behavior-change techniques and model practical tools for success.

WeightWatchers plans are designed to help you lose 1-2 pounds per week – the same rate that the National Institute of Health recommends. Programs start as low as $22.95 per month and are designed for long-term commitments – WeightWatchers is not a crash diet.

Overview of Fresh Tri

Fresh Tri is the world’s first science-backed app that leverages the power of the Iterative Mindset Method™. The idea is not to align to a preset system to change a certain behavior, such as losing weight, exercising more, drinking more water, or thinking positively. Instead, the research has shown that practice is the key to long-term change.

Habit formation isn’t as much of a mystery as it once was, and we designed a system to get people out of diet culture and out of keeping score and into a place of judgement-free exploration.

By aligning with how your brain already works, our system will promote independence as you choose and follow through with your own habit-forming practices.

Fresh Tri was born out of the work of researcher and medical doctor, Kyra Bobinet, MD MPH. She and her team continue to dive deep into the science behind behavior change, currently working in tandem with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention.

WeightWatchers Features

Weight Watcher’s app collects age, weight, height, and activity level to determine the most effective Points allotment based on metabolic rate to reach a target weight.  Members in the weight loss program are likely to receive about 23 points per day, with 35 “extra” points that can be spread out throughout the week.

Users input the foods they eat either manually or scan the barcodes of each product. The WeightWatchers database contains more than 11,000 recipes and Points values for meals at hundreds of popular restaurants. Members can also earn points by doing healthy things like eating non-starchy vegetables, drinking more water, and exercising or moving more during the day.

The app houses a 24/7 live coach chat to help members stay on track. Members track things like meals, water consumption, sleep, activity, and weight loss. There are progress charts and additional resources that are available, with increased access when users purchase the Premium tier experience.

The Core membership is great for people who desire a self-guided experience, whereas the Premium membership is better suited for people who need more support that includes in-person or virtual workshops with a dedicated WeightWatchers coach.

Here is what the WeightWatchers app looks like:

Fresh Tri Features

Fresh Tri is backed by brain science, and we’ve set up a system that puts the user in charge, creating a simple, supportive environment for you to make the changes you want.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the Fresh Tri features:


Pick your Tri — we’ll guide you through some big-picture categories that help you narrow in on what you want to change first. Then, you’ll select the accompanying activities you think best suit your lifestyle and start practicing!

Set your intention — you get to choose the aspect of good health you want to focus on, then set your specific affirmation that will pop up on your dashboard each time you log in.

Find your Tri(be) — we know that all good things happen in community, and we’ve created an engagement center for you to connect, collaborate, brainstorm, and share. You also get access to individualized support and tons of additional resources to inspire and educate you along the way!

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Fresh Tri vs. WeightWatchers Feature List

Here is an illustration of Fresh Tri vs. WeightWatchers features.

WeightWatchers Fresh Tri
Approach to change Science-backed nutrition with behavior modification techniques. Exercise is not required but encouraged. The Iterative Mindset Method™, a proprietary, research-backed way to change behavior
Research-backed practices X X
Personalization X X
Web-based resources X X
User-friendly app X X
Push notifications X X
Coaching options X X
Meal planning options X
Calorie tracking
Fitness tracking X
Weekly reports X X
Status trackers X
Cost to consumer As little as $22.95 per month. Fresh Tri is available through an employer and is free to all employee users
Ratings The WeightWatchers app is rated 4.6 stars on Google Play and 4.8 stars on the App Store. Fresh Tri’s app is rated 4.6 stars on the App Store and 4.6 stars on Google Play

Who is WeightWatchers Best For?

WeightWatchers states that it is great for anyone. More specifically, it is great for people who have dietary restrictions and need maximum flexibility in their meal planning as they choose how to spend their Points. It also works well for people who have little experience in weight loss or have been unsuccessful in the past. It provides a firm structure that members are able to find comfort in while they navigate the challenges associated with behavior modification and eating habits.

Who is Fresh Tri Best For?

Fresh Tri is about whole health. If one of your wellbeing aspirations is to lose weight, you can focus on eating healthy or moving more. It is built on the proprietary Iterative Mindset Method™, and we like to say that iterators never fail!

The reality is that most weight loss programs don’t work because they reinforce a performative mindset. You can win or lose. This creates a vicious failure cycle in which you do something you perceive as “bad” and then you feel bad. When you feel bad, your brain tries to protect you and decreases motivation to engage with the activity that made you feel that way.

All this to say: this failure cycle is not your fault. You are not the problem. You are already hardwired to do things that make you feel great. It just requires some trying. With Fresh Tri, we believe that you should be in charge of your goals and then able to try something in a low-risk, highly supportive environment. Through practice, you’ll build enduring habits that you are entirely responsible for. This isn’t a one-and-done method or a system: it’s an entirely new mindset that sets you up for an entirely new kind of life.

Employer Opportunities With Fresh Tri vs. WeightWatchers

With WeightWatchers Health Solutions, organizations can leverage the benefits of WeightWatchers programs that are personalized for each individual, easy to implement, and easily accessible. Each organization receives a customized approach to best support their employees in their health and wellness goals.

Programs can be tailored to scale, whether employers want to offer a weight loss program organization-wide or focus on those who need it the most, such as those at risk for diabetes, heart disease, or other chronic conditions. Organizations receive a complete package of professional and marketing services, a registration website, customizable marketing materials, data analysis on participation and progress, and more.

WeightWatchers Reviews

Read what WeightWatchers members have to say:

Once you get your head around the system so you can track just the main scoring dishes it works well. I use the plan more for weight management than weight loss as post menopause one night out can raise your weight 2 or 3 pounds! Only criticism would be that the app occasionally freezes and has to be deleted and reloaded – often when barcode scanning in the supermarket. Overall find the plan works for me.

Trustpilot – Karen, 5/16/2023

I was slightly nervous about restarting as the previous times I had, the plans had changed so much I couldn’t make it work for me, but this time, its simplified and SO easy to follow! I’ve enjoyed every day and have loved seeing the weight change. Am looking forward to reaching my target with WW. Thank you!

Penny, 5/16/2023

Note – many negative online WeightWatchers reviews are related to the cancellation policy and app glitches.

Fresh Tri Reviews

Read what Fresh Tri users have to say:

Obsessed with the updates to this app! The live sessions with coaches really speak to me and help me feel like I’m not alone. I’m learning a lot about different ways to stay on track with my goals and how to forgive myself if I don’t. One of my goals has been trying to cut carbs and after checking in on the app over and over I finally notice that I’m choosing lower carb options without even thinking about it! The tips and habit hacks have been super helpful. I’m even excited to try my next habit. + the gratitude and intention prompts have been really great for my mental health as I remember what I’m grateful for each day instead of focusing on the bad like I tend to do 🤍

Shara, 11/16/2020

I usually don’t write reviews for apps, and i tend to stay away from fitness apps and things related due to my past eating disorder. however, this app has seriously helped me. the community is welcoming, the videos and lives available are cozy and informative, and for once i dont feel a pressure to lose weight or workout but to live and love myself.

Fresh Tri is very user friendly, and although i wish i could interact more with others on it, thats also a positive because i dont have to feel obligated to be on it 24/7 like social media.

Fresh Tri really feels like a friend thats there to support me and wants me to be healthy and happy, rather than skinny.

Thank you Fresh Tri, and all of the users, for helping me learn to love myself again.

Apple Store user, 1/8/2023

What’s Better: WeightWatchers or Fresh Tri?

WeightWatchers has been a highly-rated weight loss tool for many years and has worked for many people. But that isn’t to say it’s a perfect fit for everyone. Consider what you have tried in the past and zero in on the things that worked and the things that didn’t work for you in that season of life – this evaluation is an important step in your journey.

A weight loss and wellness program should be more than focusing on the numbers on the scale. Everyone deserves to live a healthy life, and understanding the driving factors behind your decisions can help you be successful in your journey to improved health and well-being.

To learn more about Fresh Tri, browse our blog or download the app today.

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