Corporate Wellness Solutions: How to Choose the Best for You

October 3, 2023

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If you invest time, money, and resources into a corporate wellness solution, you need it to work. A well-designed solution can improve the health of your workforce, increase productivity, and improve retention rates. It can decrease healthcare costs and cultivate an enjoyable work environment, too.  

There are dozens of corporate wellness solutions to choose from on the market. Matching a solution to your organization’s needs is critical for its success.

This article will break down the critical components of corporate wellness programs. By choosing the best solution for your organization, you can play an essential role in supporting your employees as they iterate toward lasting health and wellness. Read on. 

Proven Effectiveness

While there are many wellness solutions to choose from, not all of them can deliver tangible results. Any corporate wellness program you select for your organization must have a track record of success. Here are a few ways that you can assess a program for effectiveness:

  • Look for case studies that show evidence of positive outcomes. 
  • Read reviews – the good, the bad, and the ugly. 
  • Review testimonials from other organizations that have used the program (like Walmart).

Beyond this, a reputable corporate wellness program provider should be able to deliver data and statistics on their program’s effectiveness. It could look like health metrics (you should see an improvement!), reduced absenteeism, increased employee morale, and increased productivity in the workforce.

Proper Health Risk Assessments

When choosing your corporate wellness solution, you must ensure it can lay the foundation for a successful program. This means starting with a comprehensive health risk assessment of your workforce. 

A top-tier corporate wellness solution should offer biometric screenings or, at the very least, a connection with a third-party company that can coordinate it near your business. Look for a wellness solution that seamlessly integrates this health data into existing systems (and ensures complete confidentiality and security).

From here, each employee will complete a biometric physical health assessment before implementing your wellness solution. This data allows your wellness program to deliver a customized solution tailored to each employee, which makes it tremendously more effective. 

Corporate wellness solutions often struggle with engagement because employees don’t believe the programs are designed for them – that they’re for someone else who needs support. This certainly isn’t the case, and by suggesting program features following their biometric screening results, employees can better understand their holistic health needs.

Customizable With Multiple Program Features

Your corporate wellness solution needs to iterate with you as the needs of your organization change and grow. 

Every company is different, so a one-size-fits-all approach to health and wellness will likely miss the mark. A top-tier wellness solution must be highly customizable with various features supporting employees regardless of where they are in their health and wellness journey. 

Some typical wellness program features your employees may benefit from include smoking cessation programs, fitness challenges, stress management resources and workshops, mental health support, and on-demand clinical professionals. 

Robust corporate wellness solutions offer more than just the “basics” and utilize flexible and scalable modules to add or modify as your employees need. All in all, customization can increase engagement and participation rates – it’s a win-win. 


What good is a corporate wellness solution if you can’t review the cold, hard data? Data-driven decision-making is critical to the success of your corporate wellness program. 

Without it, you’ll find yourself upstream without a paddle. 

Reporting features can help you see your employees’ progress on their health and wellness journey. It can also give you visibility to assess the ROI of your investment, which helps with securing buy-in from stakeholders and locking in funding for future programs. 

Here are some of the questions about reporting features that you can consider when choosing a corporate wellness solution:

  • Does it offer real-time data?
  • Can you view employee participation levels?
  • What about employee engagement levels?
  • Is there a dashboard for overall health improvements?
  • Can it collect employee feedback on programs and features?

These data points can create a holistic picture of an adequately customized wellness solution. With the right data at your fingertips, you can iterate and adjust your program to target specific health concerns or encourage participation in a targeted way. 

Fresh Tri For Corporate Wellness

Corporate wellness solutions have become essential to the health and well-being of the corporate workforce. Choosing one shouldn’t be difficult, but it must meet your organization’s needs and offer flexibility for the future.

Enter: Fresh Tri.

Fresh Tri is a neuroscience-backed corporate wellness app that leverages the Iterative Mindset Method to encourage sustainable habit-building. This unique, “practice-and-tweak” approach to mindset training is designed for the habenula – your motivation kill switch – to get to the root cause and create lasting change.

Through small changes, what we call a “tri,” you can support your employees in iterating toward lasting health and wellness.

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