26 Top Corporate Employee Wellness Apps

June 9, 2023

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Encouraging and building healthy habits in a corporate environment can be challenging. One of the ways that businesses can leverage technology in the workplace to cultivate and nurture health and well-being is through corporate employee wellness apps. 

There are thousands out there, but which one is the right fit for your corporate wellness program?

Ideally, one that serves your employees holistically and meets their needs, while also meeting your budget requirements. 

We’ve compiled a list of the 26 top corporate employee wellness apps for you to consider. Read on to learn more about them.

Corporate Employee Mental Health Apps


Calm Business currently supports more than 3000 organizations across the globe in the pursuit of employee mental wellness and overall well-being. Through Calm Workshops and conversational group sessions, employees are encouraged to practice practical behaviors in their mental health journeys. The app is highly tailored in providing approachable mental health practices that are engaging, culturally relevant, and diverse (with 44% BIPOC narrator representation). Not only do employees have access to content to support their goals, but Calm Kids content is designed specifically for their children as well. Finally, the user-friendly platform is built with benefits leaders in mind and allows leaders to track company progress through robust, segmented analytics. Calm offers two plans for businesses: the Enterprise Plan and Team Plan. Prices are available upon request.

7 Cups

7 Cups provides emotional support for your workforce through access to confidential conversations with trained active listeners. On-demand emotional support via their iPhone and Android apps and web platform can help reduce employee attrition, decreases absenteeism, and offers a real, meaningful, and valuable employee benefit. When employees choose to engage with the 7 Cups platform, they can choose to speak with one of 120,000 trained active listeners or therapists or can choose simple, proven, therapeutic exercises. Not only do employees have access to live professionals, but they also have access to games, guides, and training that help build resiliency in corporate teams. Pricing is available upon request from 7 Cups.


Stress prevents us from putting our best foot forward, in and out of the workplace. Headspace for Work is a science-backed meditation and mindfulness solution for the workplace. On-demand, approachable solutions are available through Headspace to support employees’ well-being in a way that truly works for them. Employees get full access to Headspace, free to them, which has some of the highest adoption rates in the industry, leading to less stress and burnout for your teams. The in-house science team collaborates with top research institutions to design and implement science-backed lessons and meditations that can help your employees meditate, sleep better, move more, and focus more, by learning to manage feelings and thoughts with mindfulness. Administrators can look forward to enterprise-grade tools and professional support every step of the way. Pricing is available upon request from Headspace.


Starling is a workplace wellness platform and stress management tool. Early intervention for stress, depression, and anxiety are key components of an effective program to boost productivity and reduce absenteeism in the workplace. Employees who have suffered from physical or mental illness also have access to a Return-to-Health program that aids in a faster recovery within the app. Starling uses personalized health solutions and health coaching that is suited to each employee’s needs and leverages informative dashboards to gauge an employee’s level of energy, depression, and anxiety to determine the best course of support within the program. Pricing is available upon request from Starling.


Based on clinical, organizational, and positive psychology, Unmind is designed to “get under the skin of your company” to pinpoint well-being challenges and empower employees to take charge of their health. The platform offers a variety of exercises like meditation, yoga, and breathwork to support the reduction of stress in the workforce. Self-guided programs are available for employees to navigate at their own pace. Resources such as healthy recipes, educational articles, and sleep melodies are available on the platform to encourage positive change. Pricing is available upon request from Unmind. 


headversity prides itself on being a world-class business partner. It aims to help organizations go beyond their EAP with mental health, by providing proactive digital mental health and resilience upskilling experiences for your entire workforce. headversity brings micro-training experiences, daily practice tools, video and audio lessons, and gamified interactives to employees that can be accomplished in as little as 5 minutes a day that are suited for all work or life situations to build resiliency in users. Personalized and private individual training and group training are available, as well as extended training for family members and dependents. One-touch connection to company crisis resources such as an EAP or teletherapy is available within the platform. A free demo is available and pricing is available upon request from headversity.

Corporate Employee Challenge Apps


MoveSpring aims to bring employees together by creating some friendly competition. Employees can participate as a team, group, or individually, and challenges are accessible for all fitness levels. MoveSpring does a great job of creating accessibility for everyone in the office. Employees can connect with their preferred fitness tracker or smartphone or can enter data manually. A variety of dashboards allow employees to see their data and achievements in real time as they move through various challenges, such as steps, sleep, water intake, or time spent meditating. Administrators have access to a simple and intuitive Admin Center that allows them to create a corporate wellness program in minutes, pull reports, and upload content to the team challenges in just a click. Plans are available in three tiers from $2 per user, plus a $1000 platform license that is paid in addition to users. 


YuMuuv is a team wellness challenge app that seamlessly integrates with the most popular fitness trackers, including Fitbit, Garmin, and Apple Health. The platform allows users to organize any type of wellness challenge that a team could want: steps, cycling distance, sleeping, planks, yoga, and the list goes on. Features include push notifications, progress reports, customer service and onboarding assistance, internal cobranding, admin access for program management, as well as company rankings compared to similar companies. For as little as $1 per month per user, with a minimum of 20 users, this platform can accommodate a company across many countries, time zones, and languages. 


Wellable is an all-in-one corporate employee wellness app that delivers wellness challenges and continuous health monitoring for employees. Wellable is robust in that it provides education and activities for everyone – no employee is left behind. On-demand fitness, hobbies and lifestyle-related activities, and habit goals (like tobacco cessation) are just a few of the features that Wellable offers. The platform integrates seamlessly with the most popular fitness trackers such as Garmin and Apple Watch. A free demo is available and memberships are available starting at $75 per month per employee with a minimum of 25 users.

Pacer for Teams

Pacer is a straightforward, no-fluff, step-challenge app for the corporate world. With more than 100 million app downloads, in 17 different languages, and 350k+ 5-star reviews for iOS and Android, Pacer is a well-loved team platform. The Pacer app connects employees, whether or not they have a wearable fitness device, to their health and wellness goals by challenging themselves and others. Administrators will love the ease with which they can access team data and review real-time reporting. Creating custom challenges is a breeze with only a few clicks thanks to the intuitive platform. Pricing is based on the number of total participants and the number of months required. 


Reaction is a corporate fitness challenge app that is designed to bring the team together and foster a sense of community through a gamified fitness experience. Each employee can set their own goals and is inclusive of all, no matter their background or fitness level. After employees have set their personal fitness and well-being goals, they are grouped with other employees who have similar goals. The app then generates team challenges where employees can also share their progress and achievements. Participants can earn points that can be redeemed for rewards that help encourage motivation. Administrators will enjoy the simplicity of the app. They can create challenges easily and review the team’s progress. Certified wellness experts (no bots!) are available to support the team when enrolled in the premium subscription. Pricing is available upon request from Reaction.

Corporate Employee Fitness Apps


Gympass is one of the largest corporate wellness platforms on the market and provides employees access to more than 50,000 well-being partners. Most recently, Gympass added MyFitnessPal to its roster of partners. It provides teams with access to gyms and studios, mental health resources and apps, and nutritional resources to help employees achieve their well-being goals all at a set rate per month. Affordable and premium plans give employees access to thousands of gyms and studios, no matter where they are. On vacation and want to get a workout in? No problem, search the Gympass directory to see what is available to you. The monthly fee includes Gympass access to all your eligible employees, a dedicated employee engagement team, and access to the HR portal with employee usage data. Pricing is available upon request from Gympass. 


Tribe is a corporate wellness program that focuses on the physical fitness and well-being of all employees. Yoga, group fitness, and nutrition coaching are all available to corporate teams to encourage healthy behaviors and to have fun while doing it. Workouts are designed to be safe and accessible for the office, no extra equipment is required! Nutrition coaching and workshops help teach the team how to build a nutritious meal plan that helps them create new habits and hit their wellness goals. No matter the size of the organization, Tribe has a solution. Pricing is available upon request from Tribe.   


Wellbeats Wellness is a corporate fitness platform that is designed to inspire and motivate all ages, abilities, and interests. More than 1,000 virtual fitness classes are included in the corporate subscription, including yoga, HIIT, strength training, walking, running, cycling, and dancing, to name a few. The in-house production study creates and refreshes classes regularly to meet the needs of its clients and members, giving employees access to the latest education-based classes led by certified and relatable instructors. A recommendation engine guides individuals based on their goals and interests, and the community-building features allow employees to invite friends and coworkers to scheduled classes. Wellbeats Wellness is seamlessly integrated and accessed globally through iOS, Android, Windows devices, and web browsers making it entirely accessible for all. Pricing is simple with three tiers. Small businesses with 1-149 employees are charged $350 per month, midsized businesses with 150-499 employees are charged $500 per month, and large businesses with 500+ employees must request a quote from Wellbeats. 


Fitbit Care is in the business of getting people healthy with their corporate wellness health solution. It is designed to help people make daily decisions like moving more, eating well, sleeping better, and stressing less as a means to positively impact employees’ health and well-being and address the root cause of chronic disease. Using the very popular Fitbit wearable device, population-level insights are available to leaders while also providing real-time data to users about their wellness goals and achievements. Fitbit became part of Google in 2021 and now leverages insights powered by Google’s machine learning and AI, making it a very powerful tool for every workforce. Pricing is available upon request from Fitbit.

Corporate Fitness App

“Fit and happy employees are more productive and less stressed”, and the Corporate Fitness App is here to help employees make positive changes in their overall wellness. Fitness challenges through Corporate Fitness App include any goal and any challenge imaginable. Whether a challenge runs a day, a week, a month, or longer, businesses are well supported here. This app integrates seamlessly with all of the most popular fitness devices. Employees can also enter their data manually with just a few clicks. Integration is made easy as the Corporate Fitness App offers native integration with all major fitness wearables for automatic uploading of activities: Apple Watch, Garmin, Fitbit, Polar, and more. (Bonus: there’s even a Slack integration). With a minimum purchase of 10 users, pricing is straightforward. No platform fee, no hidden fees, and only pay for active users. For one-time events, pricing starts at $2 per user. For subscription plans, pricing starts at $1 per user. Try it for free with up to five users. 


Virtual and private wellness challenges by inKin are ready to take corporate teams to the next level of corporate wellness. Several challenges are available, including water intake, steps, weight loss, and transformational challenges. The app is available on both the Google Play store and App Store and easily integrates with all of the most popular wearable fitness devices. User data can be manually added as well, making it truly accessible for all. Administrators have access to a robust dashboard of statistics and reports allowing them to generate, compare, view, and download the reports associated with the team’s overall wellness and activity levels, giving insight and actionable data to better support the teams. A 7-day free trial is available for corporate memberships and pricing includes monthly, quarterly, or annual plans based on the number of users.

Lose It!

Lost It! is a top-rated weight loss plan app that is directly available to consumers but can also be incorporated into corporate wellness plans. It is an app-based weight loss program that helps users track their calorie intake in a simple way that increases weight loss success rates. After downloading the app, users set their goals with personalized recommendations through the app, Then users can begin to track their food intake, benchmarking against their daily calorie budget. By consistently reaching their goals, users can lose weight and set new goals for a happier, healthier life. Many of the app’s features are free, emphasizing the company’s mantra that losing weight doesn’t have to be complicated. The Premium version offers advanced tracking of macronutrients and wearable fitness device syncing. Lose It! Basic is free, and Lose It! Premium is $39.99 per year per person.

Corporate Employee Wellness Apps


Wellics is an employee wellness platform for busy managers and swamped employees. (They understood the assignment). Wellics was designed to be completely accessible for real humans with busy schedules. The app seamlessly integrates with all of the most popular wearable fitness devices and employees are free to also manually log their data. Their programming is built on four pillars that help guide employees to wellness, with short digestible content related to sleep, mental well-being, physical activity, and nutrition. First, they inspire employees using world-class experts and short video content (1-3 minutes in length) surrounding wellness topics that are of interest to each individual. Second, employees stay motivated by setting personal goals for themselves. Third, employees are educated through videos and other resources in their easily accessible toolbox. Finally, top performers and wellness champions are rewarded because of their achievement, consistency, or both. Administrators can use the Wellics Index to track their employees’ journeys with a number from 0 to 100. Alternatively, administrators can select from dozens of other wellness metrics or create their own. For businesses with 0-100 users and limited features, pricing starts at $5 per user per month. Businesses beyond 100 users or would like advanced features must request a quote. 


Driven by machine learning and cognitive behavioral science, Sprout at Work is a robust wellness app designed for employers to cultivate a culture of wellness in their employees. Backed by 25 years of academic research, Sprout at Work leverages cognitive behavioral science, game theory, and behavioral economics to improve engagement, loyalty, and productivity. The Central Wellness Hub features a centralized content stream of wellness initiatives, informative content, and real-time communications for the team. Features include personalized wellness challenges, health risk assessments, and in-app scheduling for biometric screenings. Biometric data can help employees understand how their data contributes to their health risks and helps them set meaningful goals. Sprout integrates with many of the most popular fitness devices, including Garmin, Apple Watch, and Fitbit, allowing employees to review their data in real time. There is a free trial available, and pricing is available upon request from Spout.


Woliba is an all-in-one corporate well-being solution that is designed to empower employees in their health and wellness journey. Personalized dashboards display employee wellness goals, overall progress, and achievements to encourage employees to stick to their goals. Employees can earn badges, points, or other incentives as they achieve different milestones. The platform also allows users to share messages of encouragement and share success stories with other employees. A robust knowledge base gives employees access to hundreds of articles, recipes, and nutrition information to support employees on their wellness journey. There is a 30-day free trial available, and membership starts at $2.50 per user per month.


Wellness360 supports a holistic approach to employee wellness through personalized health assessments, virtual challenges, goal setting, and educational resources that cover a broad array of topics. Wellness topics such as mental health, nutrition, and fitness help to empower employees to make the best decisions for their well-being. The app integrates with many of the most popular wellness devices, such as Garmin and Apple Watch. It offers leading engagement tools, extensive reports and tracking, scalable platform configuration, and customized white-labeled sites. Biometric screening is available both on-site and off-site in every zip code across the country through a partnership with leading screening vendors. Integration with health risk assessment data generates a comprehensive report to customize actionable wellness goals for employees. Pricing is available upon request from Wellness360.


Burnalong is a holistic wellness platform that provides 30,000+ live and on-demand classes across 60+ well-being categories, taught by 5,000+ relatable instructors. With this platform, you’ll find support in a variety of spaces – everything from finances to nutrition to mental health and physical fitness. With machine learning, Burnalong suggests programs to support individual wellness goals and track habits. Integrated HR tracking can assist managers in identifying trends and gaps for improvement in the workforce. Each member can also share their account with up to four family members, increasing the likelihood of successfully accomplishing their goals and wellness targets. Currently, users can take classes in English and Spanish however, the platform can be translated into 100+ different languages. A demo is available and pricing is available upon request from Burnalong.

Vantage Fit

Vantage Fit is an all-in-one tool that assists employees in fostering healthier habits, at home and at work. Calorie trackers, sleep monitoring, health tracking, and other critical pieces of information are tracked and monitored for employees to view their achievements and goals in real time. There are wellness challenges within the app which include gamified features to keep employees engaged and invested in their health journey. Step challenges, distance-based contests, and health campaigns are designed to build healthy habits and encourage employees to live healthier lifestyles. Vantage Fit boasts that they have helped employees burn the equivalent of 21 million Big Macs and taken 345 trips around the globe. With seamless integration across all major fitness tracking devices and platforms, employees can access the program benefits effortlessly. Pricing is available on their website and is dependent on program choice and user count. 

The Kite Program

The Kite Program is a unique approach to corporate employee wellness. It’s a “create your own” well-being app that employers can design for maximum impact by giving employees exactly what they need without all the noise. In as little as 6 weeks after the review and assessment of needs are completed, employers can have a custom solution delivered to your door. It can also be tailored and molded as needed, as the priorities of your workforce change. Pricing is available upon request from The Kite Program. 

Virgin Pulse

According to Virgin Pulse, their corporate employee wellness app platform “is a full-stack health and wellbeing platform that strengthens your culture, motivates your people, and boosts your bottom line.” The Pulse platform allows employees to view their data in real time, including the benefits provided by your company for peace of mind. A dedicated support team, including on-demand live coaching, ensures that employees feel thoroughly supported in their wellness journey. Pricing is available upon request from Virgin Pulse.


CircleCare is a holistic corporate wellness app that promotes physical wellness, social wellness, and occupational wellness all at the tap of a thumb. Physical wellness is supported by helping employees track their activities such as walking, weight, sleep, and exercise. It can also assist in reminding employees to take their medicines regularly. Custom challenges can be created to foster interaction between employees on your own private social app through CircleCare. Additionally, the app is equipped with functionality to promote employee recognition, peer appreciation, and real-time acknowledgment to promote job satisfaction. Employees can earn CarePoints for repeated engagement in healthy actions and redeem them for exciting rewards. CircleCare is currently available in four different languages: English, Spanish, Arabic, and Indonesian. Administrators can easily share tips, videos, and corporate announcements through the Mission Control Center, where you can also add new members and create new challenges. There is a 30-day free trial available, and a premium plan is available starting at $2 per user per month.  

Omada Health

The Omada platform tackles a host of chronic conditions that plague the corporate space in America – diabetes, hypertension, musculoskeletal (MSK), and many others. As a virtual-first care solution, Omada offers multi-condition integrated care pathways that combine behavior science and clinical protocols to improve the health of your workforce. Dynamic insights through Omada Insights Lab use high-quality data collection and analysis as a key part of understanding how employee health changes as a way to empower employees in their health journey. Request a demo and corporate pricing through the Omada Health website.


Get help managing diabetes, blood pressure, weight, stress, and more through your employer-provided healthcare plan with Livongo. A quick registration and an app download will have you opening your welcome kit to a healthier lifestyle. For eligible employees, this program comes at no cost and provides smart devices, expert support, and health management strategies through company benefits. Corporate pricing is available upon request from Livongo. 

Wondr (Naturally Slim)

A proven leader in digital behavior change, Wondr is a clinically proven approach to improving physical health through science-based weight management. Wondr operates as a standalone benefit and can also integrate seamlessly with other corporate wellness programs. Getting to the root of chronic disease is at the core of Wondr’s mission, leading to healthier and happier employees. Their program reverses MetS, hypertension, and pre-diabetes for the corporate population, and has an abundance of peer-reviewed clinical results to back it up. Participants log in to the platform for weekly skills based in behavioral science to learn how to lose weight, sleep better, move more, and stress less. Health coaches are available for extra support. Corporate pricing is available upon request from Wondr. 

Thrive Global

Thrive Global is a behavior-change platform founded by Arianna Huffington, the Founder of The Huffington Post. Thrive is a behavior-change tech company that exists to end the burnout epidemic through a corporate well-being platform that meets and exceeds the needs of people’s well-being. Backed by science, the Thrive platform operates with the whole human in mind, offering six Journeys as pillars of overall well-being. Behavior change principles coupled with real-time insights, positive habit reinforcement, and progress measurement help to drive positive lasting change. Thrive operates as a well-being hub, connecting employees to company resources like EAPs and mental telehealth programs. It seamlessly integrates with workplace tools to meet employees where they are. Pricing is available upon request from Thrive Global. 

Fresh Tri: a Unique Corporate Employee Wellness App

At Fresh Tri, we don’t believe in doing things the same way they’ve always been done. Our corporate employee wellness app is about a whole person, providing opportunities for your team to address change they want to see in their body and mind. 

We support large groups of employees in all types of corporate environments.

To learn more about buying Fresh Tri for your team, visit our business page and contact our team.

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