Fresh Tri vs. Nutrisystem

October 3, 2023

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Making the decision to take charge of your health and lose weight isn’t a light decision. There are so many ways to do it – it can feel a little overwhelming with all the choices. 

Not every weight loss program is right for every person. It’s important to compare a variety of options to make sure it will help you succeed.

This article is part of a series that will compare Fresh Tri to other weight loss, behavior modification, and wellness approaches. We look forward to helping you understand your needs, and how these programs may help. 

Today, we’re talking about Nutrisystem. Let’s get started.

Overview of Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem was founded in 1972 by Harold J. Katz. He was inspired by his mother, who had suffered for years in an attempt to lose weight. Katz believed this was a problem he could solve. 

The company’s first product to market was a liquid protein diet. They also offered weight loss counseling and products in their brick-and-mortar stores until 1999. They moved to a direct-to-consumer business model and began offering products and programs on the Internet and by phone. 

Now, Nutrisystem positions itself as a dietitian-designed, high-protein, lower-glycemic approach to weight loss. There are a variety of plans to choose from. There are plans for men, women, people with diabetes, and partners (or friends, family, or couples) that want to lose weight together.

Each plan is designed for four weeks of guided weight loss and includes food delivered to your door. Each day during your plan, you’ll typically eat one breakfast, one lunch, one dinner, and one snack. Men’s plans include two snacks. 

You’ll need to purchase some basic groceries, such as lean protein and fiber-rich carbs, to complement your plan. Nutrisystem’s website describes the possibility of losing 1-2 pounds a week by following their weight loss plan. Diet plans range between 1,200 and 1,500 calories per day.

Overview of Fresh Tri

Fresh Tri was founded by Kyra Bobinet, MD MPH. It is a female-owned, minority-owned business and its products are for vulnerable populations.

Kyra, who is an award-winning public health physician, specializes in healthcare innovation, behavioral neuroscience, and population health management. 

She has dedicated her time to providing an incredibly realistic alternative to the few options for weight loss. The Iterative Mindset Method™ and supporting mobile app were born out of her commitment to serving others in this way.

People who have been burned by harmful and often dangerous diet methods will be pleasantly surprised by the natural, flexible approach to dieting and weight loss. It goes so much further than that – Fresh Tri is not a prescriptive, multi-step system that must be strictly followed. 

Individuals learn to iterate their way to better health, and iterators never fail. Users can set their own goals and receive support every step along the way. The method encourages them to stick with their goals, adopt new habits, and ultimately, create a healthier lifestyle. 

The app is now used by companies like Walmart to support their employee wellness initiatives.

For more details, read What is the Iterative Mindset Method™? here on the Fresh Tri blog.

Nutrisystem Features

Nutrisystem’s app, NuMi, is a free weight loss app that is designed to support users with helpful resources, food tracking, exercise and weight loss challenges, recipe lists, grocery guides, and much more. Users can set reminders to track meals, drink water, and work out. 

The app is a central hub for Nutrisystem customers designed to reduce the chances of falling off track. Meal purchases can be made in-app, streamlining the experience. 

Here is what the app looks like:

Activity log for tracking daily movement

Food log to track calories consumed

Progress report to track weight loss

Fresh Tri Features

The Fresh Tri system and supporting app is designed to assist individuals in one of four chosen areas of effort:

  1. Healthy eating
  2. Movement
  3. Positive thinking
  4. Stress management

Science-backed and chock-full of encouragement, the app provides tons of self-directed learning resources. There is an engaging community and timely check-ins. Users learn to tune into what works for them (and what doesn’t) to build healthy habits as they iterate toward their wellness pursuits. 

Here is a peek at what the app looks like:

Selecting ways to be engaged and practicing their Tri, or habit.

Documenting your “why” to help you stay motivated

Want to give it a Tri? Download the app!

Fresh Tri vs. Nutrisystem Feature List

Here are some of the ways Fresh Tri and Nutrisystem differ.


Nutrisystem Fresh Tri
Approach to change Dietician-designed meal delivery program that supports weight loss.  The Iterative Mindset Method, a proprietary, research-backed way to change behavior
Research-backed practices
Web-based resources
User-friendly app
Push notifications
Coaching options X
Meal planning options X
Calorie tracking X
Fitness tracking X
Weekly reports
Status trackers
Cost to consumer App is free. Pricing for meals starts at approximately $10.71 per day Fresh Tri is available for  free to all users
Ratings The NuMi app is rated 4.5 stars on Google Play and 4.6 stars on the App Store Fresh Tri’s app is rated 4.6 stars on the App Store and 4.6 stars on Google Play


Who is Nutrisystem Best For?

People who do not enjoy meal planning or meal preparation may enjoy Nutrisystem. Meals are delivered to your door and need very little preparation. The diet plan is highly structured. Users must be comfortable with closely following the directions of the plan. 

Who is Fresh Tri Best For?

Fresh Tri works for everyone, so long as they are willing to learn and iterate themselves toward better health and well-being. 

Thanks to the robust scientific backing, we are sure that anyone willing to commit to simple, actionable practices can work their way toward lifelong fulfillment and joy. 

Employer Opportunities With Fresh Tri vs. Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem does not offer a corporate health and wellness program. 

Fresh Tri offers a meaningful way for employers to contribute to the health and wellness of their employees – no matter the health condition. It offers a unique experience built on research but tailored to the individual that truly helps employees thrive. Fresh Tri is great for mid- to enterprise-level organizations. 

EXTRA — Fresh Tri was built for employers and has been testing our impact in a study through the CDC – See: Fresh Tri Wins CDC Multi-Year Contract to Build Habit Practice into the Diabetes Prevention Program.

Nutrisystem Reviews

Here are some consumer reviews for Nutrisystem:

I’ve tried many diets and exercise programs over my lifetime. I’ve done Atkins, Low-Carb, and intermittent Fasting. I’ve also done P90X, P90X3 (3 times), and cycling. Nutrisystems was the easiest and fastest way to lose weight, and I am now 67 years old. I started at 220, and my goal was 195. I haven’t been under 200 for over 15 years. Achieved the goal due to the portions, exercise, and food quality. This is one diet that works, just like the commercials say. All you need is the discipline to stay on it.

Trustpilot – Gregory, 5/24/2023

Nutrisystem does work I’ve lost 20lbs since I’ve started in Feb 2022 and it’s April 8th 2022 but that’s not what I want to talk about, the customer service staff is fantastic. Recently there was a mistake with my order when I called I spoke with a wonderful member named Kaitlyn she was so kind and understanding it was a real pleasure dealing with her. She corrected the mistake and took care of all my needs it was the most wonderful experience I’ve ever had with a customer service person so thumbs up to Kaitlyn and nutrisystem. Sincerly David Freda

Trustpilot – David, 4/8/2022

Note – the many negative reviews of Nutrisystem are most often related to poor customer service (related to overcharging, hidden fees, and canceling subscriptions) and poor quality of food. 

Fresh Tri Reviews

Here are consumer reviews for Fresh Tri:

I have needed to increase my water intake, to improve my health, for a while now. I get caught up doing things or get too busy and end up sticking with the usual. I happened on to this app and I’m finding it to be a HUGE support and exactly what I needed to increase my water. It helps to see others choosing to improve, plus the positive comments are such an AWESOME part of this whole process. Kind comments in our world today is BIG in my book. There are also insightful videos that I’m learning from and enjoying. I will say I’m surprised that I am responding in so many positive ways to the format and execution of this app. But I am!! It’s EXACTLY what I needed!!!

App Store – georgiaj13, 5/22/2023

I absolutely love this app! It motivates one to live a healthier lifestyle without being pushy. By taking small steps and repeating them, you’re moved to developing new habits. You get to choose various areas to work on such as exercise, boosting immunity, cutting carbs and more. You choose your why; the reason you want to get healthier. There are live and on demand coaching videos on a great number of topics. The app focuses on setting daily (or more often) intentions and expressing gratitude. I highly recommend!!!

App Store – Blk@63, 1/7/2022

Note – there are some moderately negative online Fresh Tri reviews that are related to specific app features or glitchiness from time to time. We’re working hard to improve these issues.

What’s Better: Nutrisystem or Fresh Tri?

No matter your wellness goals, you deserve a program that suits your needs and helps you succeed. If you’ve tried a program in the past that didn’t work for you, ask yourself “why?” Be totally honest! It will help you discover what you want and what you need from a program in order to succeed. 

With Fresh Tri, the goal is to iterate toward lifelong health and wellness without fear, shame, or guilt – a holistically happy life. 

Are you ready to Tri? Download the app and get started for free.

Let’s start together

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy—Feel Better.

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