Fresh Tri Selected as Digital Platform for Consumer Goods Forum’s “One for Good” Initiative

October 7, 2020

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At Fresh Tri, we are passionate about making a difference in people’s lives by empowering them to adopt healthier diets and lifestyles. In 2020, we were honored to be chosen as the digital platform for the Consumer Goods Forum’s “One for Good” initiative. This program aims to support community members in their journey towards improved well-being, and we are thrilled to be a part of this important movement. In this blog, we highlight the significance of our collaboration with the Consumer Goods Forum and the Collaboration for Healthier Lives (CHL) U.S. team, as we work together to innovate behavior change and foster healthier communities.

One for Good: Driving Positive Change

The Consumer Goods Forum’s “One for Good” initiative is a powerful program dedicated to promoting healthier diets and lifestyles for individuals and communities. As a leading behavior change solutions company, Fresh Tri was selected as the digital platform to support this transformative endeavor. This recognition speaks volumes about the effectiveness of our neuroscience-based app, built on the Iterative Mindset Method™, in fostering positive habit change and healthy mindset training.

Partnering with the CHL U.S. Team

Fresh Tri’s collaboration with the Collaboration for Healthier Lives (CHL) U.S. team represents a significant milestone in our mission to drive meaningful change in consumers’ lives. CHL U.S. recognized the potential of our app in making a lasting impact on behavior change and subsequently selected us as their digital platform. Their “Empowering U.S. Shoppers to Make Healthier Decisions” report illuminated the powerful results of in-store activations following the 2019 program relaunch, further validating the need for innovative solutions like Fresh Tri’s app.

A Neuroscience-Based Approach

At Fresh Tri, our approach to behavior change is rooted in neuroscience and psychology. We understand that adopting healthier habits requires a deeper understanding of the human mind and how it responds to change. Our app’s foundation in the Iterative Mindset Method™ allows us to provide users with personalized and effective strategies for cultivating healthy behaviors. By combining neuroscience with innovative technology, we pave the way for sustainable and impactful transformations.

Supporting Community Initiatives

As part of our commitment to fostering healthier communities, Fresh Tri actively collaborated with “One for Good” stakeholders to support the recently-announced Go for Bold Million Pound Challenge. This inspiring community initiative promotes healthy lifestyles among the residents of Washington County, encouraging positive changes on a larger scale. We believe that empowering communities with the right tools and mindset is key to making a lasting impact on overall well-being.

Fresh Tri is humbled and excited to be at the forefront of driving positive change through our collaboration with the Consumer Goods Forum’s “One for Good” initiative and the CHL U.S. team. As we continue to leverage our neuroscience-based app and the Iterative Mindset Method™, we are confident in our ability to innovate behavior change in consumers and empower them to adopt healthier diets and lifestyles. Together, we are making strides towards healthier communities and a brighter future for all. At Fresh Tri, we remain committed to our mission of empowering individuals to lead healthier, happier lives, one positive habit change at a time.

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