Must-Know Iterative Mindset Method™ Benefits

August 4, 2023

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Must-Know Iterative Mindset Method™ Benefits

The Iterative Mindset Method™ (IMM) is a scientific way to build healthy habits. Through iteration, you become empowered not to follow a program but to find what works for you. 

Hundreds of thousands of people have experienced the power of mindset and iteration, and the benefits are as unique as the individual practicing IMM.

Want to know what to expect when you dive into this fresh mindset and start trying new things? Read on!

Outcomes from day one

Many people want to know — once I get into IMM, how will it go? You can expect a boost in confidence from day one. Why? Because you are free to trust yourself and believe that your instincts are good.

In this approach, you aren’t restricted or restrained by arbitrary rules or guidelines: “Eat 1200 calories a day”, “you must consume five servings of green vegetables” or “you have to clock one hour of cardio three times a week.” 

It’s empowering to shed these highly prescriptive approaches. The Iterative Mindset Method is about you tuning in and figuring out what you really want and how you will modify your behavior over time in a way that works for you.

You get all of the power back. The chains of external demands and commands are broken. 

Fun science fact — this isn’t just a feeling. It aligns with something called Self Determination Theory, which says that one of the most important aspects of being human is autonomy.

The ability to acknowledge your feelings and do things out of pure interest is an immediate gift of practicing the IMM. In that way, it really is a catalyst that opens up new horizons. You’ll discover things about yourself you didn’t know before. 

You choose what to explore and start a natural process of growth that will positively impact your whole life.

How long does the IMM take to work?

The Iterative Mindset Method starts working immediately. We can say that with confidence because there are neurochemical and neurobiological changes that occur in the brain. The moment you start reframing the way that you think, changes occur in your brain between neurons.

If you start using the IMM today, it will begin to work in your favor as far as achieving your outcomes.

The caveat is this — the actual progress toward your goals will vary based on a number of factors. 

Here’s an example: let’s say you want to lose five pounds. You could do that in a week if you wanted to. In fact, there are 20 different diets you could easily use to lose five pounds in a week. But are those five pounds going to stay off for six months? Probably not. Science says otherwise. 

Sustainable change happens over a lifetime.

One of the ways we support you as you adopt the Iterative Mindset Method is to stop thinking of health and well-being as a terminal endpoint, but rather as a process of life.

Continuously, every single day, you will work toward the vision that you see for yourself. 

There are tens of thousands of different ways you could improve your health or thought life. You can’t do all of those in 30 days or 90 days. If you tried, you would become defeated, discouraged, and even hopeless. 

We want you to embrace joy in the process, finding happiness in the journey of lifelong growth. We’ve built our framework and application to help people build a lifestyle, finding joy and peace as they achieve the well-being aspirations that mean the most to them in the long run.


What results will the Iterative Mindset Method have?

If you’ve searched online for anything related to habit-breaking or formation, weight loss, etc., you probably now see all kinds of ads and websites that make big promises. “Lose 50 pounds,” “Stop smoking in 72 hours,” “Get toned in 21 days.” 

It’s not wrong to have highly specific goals for your well-being, and the iterative Mindset Method can help with the outcomes you want.

The difference is that we want you to not just change the way you behave, but first to change the way you think. Your mindset is the key to not getting caught up in a vicious cycle of crash diets or deprivation or other extreme measures. 

Our approach is based on neurobiology. Research tells us that our brains love things that are familiar and automatic. It doesn’t want to work too hard. If you can take everyday behaviors and make them unconscious and automatic, they will be easy. 

Fun science fact: New habits can be formed when axons in the brain become myelinated. This increases the speed of conduction. 

Most of us have bought into the model that it takes “30 days” to form a habit. This has led to the thought that “If I can just exercise willpower for a month, I’ll be a new person.”

Both of those conclusions are flawed. In fact, it can take anywhere from 18 to 200 days to form new habits. Also, the neuroscience of behavior change has made it clear: it is not a matter of willpower. 

Many times, you have created habits that increase dopamine in your brain, your reward system goes into overdrive, and you are undermined by factors outside of your control. You become hungry, not for the Oreos, but for the dopamine spike they give you. 

We want to take you out of the cycle where you constantly feel like you are failing and set you up to gain the kind of life you want. It will start working right away but it will have a different timeline for each individual who iterates until they find the unique dynamics that work for them.

How long do the benefits of the IMM last?

We are passionate about mindset change because it’s not about solving a single problem, but about transforming the trajectory of your life, putting you in charge of making decisions that support your well-being aspirations.

The tools that the Iterative Mindset Method gives you are widely applicable to many areas of your life and work for as long as you use them.

When you develop and build this mindset, you will find yourself capable of facing everything in your life in a way that seeks solutions. 

You can use iterations to help you through issues related to weight loss, health and well-being, your job, your family, and more. It is an empowering way to move through life, constantly reversing the narrative of failure or loss and supporting you from strength to strength.

To start practicing the Iterative Mindset Method today, download the Fresh-Tri app.

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