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May 8, 2023

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At Fresh Tri, we seek to provide people with the most effective resources possible to support them becoming all they want to be. Between 2017 and 2021, Gallup polls indicates that 41% of adults in this country consider themselves overweight. As much as half of the population undertakes some form of weight loss, or attempt at weight loss, every year.

Because of this, weight loss companies like Jenny Craig have been popular.

At Fresh Tri, we take a very different approach than traditional weight loss, so to help you understand, let’s investigate Fresh Tri vs. Jenny Craig.

Overview of Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig has been a household name in the weight loss industry for over four decades. It is a structured weight loss program built on the foundation of prepackaged foods to meet your nutritional needs.

The weight loss method is backed by science and encourages the consumption of a balanced diet. It is considered a low-fat diet and consumers who follow the plan can expect to drop up to 2 pounds per week.

Your diet fall falls into three categories and is based on your current weight, gender, height, age, goal weight, and fitness habits. The three plans are broken down based on the number of premade meals you choose to purchase for your diet. Coupled with a dedicated weight loss coach, your plan is customized to fit your lifestyle and comes with a money-back guarantee.

Note: Jenny Craig Declared Bankruptcy

This evaluation is valuable because Jenny Craig has been a leading entity in weight loss for decades. Unfortunately, Jenny Craig did declare bankruptcy and will be closing down hundreds of franchises through the United States and Canada. The fate of Jenny Craig franchises globally remains unknown at the time of this writing.

Overview of Fresh Tri

Fresh Tri is not a weight loss or diet company. We have created an entirely new method for behavior change, known as the Iterative Mindset Method. Our research has uncovered what anyone keen on weight loss already knows: diets don’t work. Deprivation fails. Being more strict doesn’t equal results.

In fact, overprescribed, overly rigid programs can have the opposite effect, with many people losing weight very briefly, then gaining it back plus some.

Fresh Tri teams of neuroscience and behavior specialists have spent more than a decade investigating why. There is a part of your brain known as the habenula, and we like to say that the habenula is the silver bullet of behavior change.

When you diet or try a new exercise regime or any kind of habit formation, your whole brain and body are engaged, but you are hardwired to be failure-avoidant. You already know that it does not feel good to fail. When you are following a performance-based program, you only have two options: succeed or fail. And, because you are human, you will faill sometimes. When you do, the habenula kicks in and shuts down all of your motivation. It is protecting you from that awful, discouraging feeling.

People think they lack willpower and are so hard on themselves. But we don’t think it’s your fault. In fact, brain science tells us that it probably isn’t. Your brain is working against you, trying to get out of the harsh conditions you’re putting it in.

At Fresh Tri, we believe that you can tune in and find your own way, a way that is entirely yours. You pick a tri from a preset category. Then, you decide how you want to practice something new. It can be very small and very simple and there is no failure. If it doesn’t work, you simply iterate. Within the app, you get loads of guidance from coaches and support from peers. In this environment, you are set up to thrive. And Fresh Tri users do.

Jenny Craig Features

Jenny Craig has evolved tremendously over the last 40 years to meet the needs of people seeking to lose weight and keep it off. One of the biggest difficulties people have in their weight loss journey is figuring out what to eat and when to eat it. Jenny Craig removes that hurdle by providing prepackaged meals that fit your lifestyle and nutritional needs.

Every day, you’ll eat 3 Jenny Craig meals and 2 snacks, plus you can add your own fresh fruit and vegetables to round out the day. You’ll adhere to the rules of intermittent fasting to supercharge your weight loss progress. Increasing your activity levels is recommended to complement your achievements.

Once you’ve registered for a Jenny Craig weight loss plan, you can choose from a variety of ways to receive your prepackaged meals. Local Jenny Craig centers offer both pickup and delivery from their storefronts, or you can opt to have them delivered to your doorstep.

The Jenny Craig App helps you track your weight loss progress and measurements, and provides valuable resources for your journey such as the Portion Size Guide and your Getting Started Guide. Within the app, you also have access to your Max Up content with a guided activity plan designed to help you get stronger and build healthy habits.

Fresh Tri Features

Fresh Tri is an app that will let users learn and practice something they have decided. This can vary widely, from drinking more water to eating less sweets to meditating.

All of the modules in the app are set up to gently support the user. There is a library of video tutorials, push notification reminders and tips, live coaching interactions, and a vibrant community.

It is very simple to self-monitor and be thoughtfully supported as you try something on for size, iterate as needed, and ultimately move closer to the life you want.

Fresh Tri vs. Jenny Craig Feature List

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of Fresh Tri vs. Jenny Craig features.

Jenny Craig Fresh Tri
Approach to change Intermittent fasting, 1:1 coaching, and a science-backed low-fat diet. The Iterative Mindset Method, a proprietary, research-backed way to change behavior
Research-backed practices X X
Personalization X X
Web-based resources X X
User-friendly app X X
Push notifications X X
Coaching options X X
Meal planning options X
Calorie tracking X
Fitness tracking X
Weekly reports X X
Status trackers X
Cost to consumer Three meal plan tiers are available beginning at $13.99 per day. The flat rate for shipping is $29 per shipment. Fresh Tri is available through an employer and is free to all employee users
Ratings The Jenny App is no longer available for download. Fresh Tri’s app is rated 4.6 stars on the App Store and 4.6 stars on Google Play

Who is Jenny Craig Best For?

Jenny Craig is best for people who are looking to lose weight without having to do the mental lifting involved with planning meals and activities. It is perfect for people who are short on time and do not want to shop or prepare meals at home. The meal plan and prepackaged meals make it easy for participants to eat the required six times per day.

It also greatly benefits people who need a little extra support via one on one coaching. Dieting can be difficult because it generally requires people to change the way they eat and the food choices they make. With Jenny Craig, menu options are designed to help people feel as though they aren’t “missing out” on the delicious foods of their past. Menu items include chocolate lava cake, pizza, and spaghetti and meatballs.

Who is Fresh Tri Best For?

Fresh Tri is best for people who want to commit to change in any part of their lives, be it physical, mental, emotional, you name it. The idea is to try new things based on how research tells us your brain works. When you work with yourself, not against yourself, you’ll start to catalyze new habits that truly last.

There is no set timeline or rigid program. You start and are reinforced naturally by the success of following your own pursuits and practices. There is overwhelming evidence that this approach is the one that will help you achieve your wellbeing aspirations, not just now, but for your whole life long.

Employer Opportunities With Fresh Tri vs. Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig does not offer corporate opportunities.

Jenny Craig Reviews

Here are a few Jenny Craig reviews:

I have been a member of Jenny Craig since May of 2017. I was at my all time highest weight after my Mom passed of 178. I lost 40lbs on their program. I have tried many weight loss programs over the years but Jenny is the best. My consultant Lynette really got to know me and always encouraged me every week along with helping me be successful on this program. She always had the best tips and advice. Also the Manager and other consultants at my location were also great with encouragement. They really do care about their clients! During COVID my weight started creeping up because I am a stress eater and Lynette helped me to refocus and to get back on track. The food is good and even though i am not much of a cook, I would add veggies and spices I liked to make the meals even better. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner plus snacks. I was not hungry. The meals are lower sodium lower sugar but they taste good. I would recommend this program to anyone! Some people think JC is expensive but i disagree because gaining my health back and learning new ways to deal with stress other than food is priceless. Getting the one on one attention with your own Consultant also priceless!

Trustpilot – Kelly, 7/15/2021

I really like the convenience of having the Jenny Craig menu and that I can have my meals all planned out for me. All of the meals, basically, is really good. I enjoy the breakfast but I’m not really crazy on the fried chicken. My consultant assists me with how I need to have my menu tailored a little bit. She’s good and she does what she needs to do. We did measurements at first and we talked about what were the expectations and opportunities. And the program has been very successful for me. I’ve lost over 25 pounds in a year and I’ve lost lots of inches.

Consumer Affairs – Linda, 10/22/2019

Note – many negative online reviews are related to a lack of access to attentive coaches, highly processed foods, and severely low-calorie diet plans.

Fresh Tri Reviews

Here are a few reviews of Fresh Tri.


I have needed to increase my water intake, to improve my health, for a while now. I get caught up doing things or get too busy and end up sticking with the usual. I happened on to this app and I’m finding it to be a HUGE support and exactly what I needed to increase my water. It helps to see others choosing to improve, plus the positive comments are such an AWESOME part of this whole process. Kind comments in our world today is BIG in my book. There are also insightful videos that I’m learning from and enjoying. I will say I’m surprised that I am responding in so many positive ways to the format and execution of this app. But I am!! It’s EXACTLY what I needed!!!

Apple – georgiaj13, 05/22/2023

Incredibly easy to use. Incredibly effective!

What a fantastic and simple way to help me do the things I know I should be doing! After just a short while, I’m finding that this easy-to-use app is helping me change my behavior in even more ways than intended! And I’m feeling better about myself!

Apple – SempaTara, 02/19/2020

What’s Better: Jenny Craig or Fresh Tri?

We asked our CEO, Kyra Bobinet MD MPH, to provide her perspective on Jenny Craig: “The downturn of Jenny Craig, and other performative programs, is a result of mounting proof that dieting doesn’t last—and people are tired of failing. Instead, we at Fresh Tri are finding that what lasts the longest and protects from failure is when people practice a habit until it’s a lifestyle and iterate along the way so they are unstoppable.”

We at Fresh Tri want people to get out of the vicious cycle of dieting. To find their own way and their own freedom. To try without fear of failure.

All of that is possible, and you can get started today in the Fresh Tri app.

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