The Iterative Mindset Quiz provides you with unique insights into your mindset and introduces you to new ways of thinking that can effect sustainable behavioral change. You’ll discover why you’ve failed to make habits stick in the past and learn how you can harness the power of ground-breaking new brain science to make a lasting change to your health habits. 

The Iterative Mindset Quiz contains just twelve short questions. Each question concerns an element of your past weight loss journey and explores your ability to iterate. When you’re done, you can view your results and download your personal Iterative Mindset Portrait: a short-written report packed full of lessons you can adopt to harness the power of iteration. 

The quiz is designed for individuals who are eager to learn how they can build healthier habits in a more sustainable way. Whether it’s eating healthier, moving more, or practicing mindfulness, harnessing the power of iteration is proven to help you build a healthier lifestyle.  

The Iterative Mindset Quiz was developed by Kyra Bobinet MD-MPH, Fresh Tri’s Founder and CEO. Together with her team of esteemed scientists, she has conducted years of validated research studies in the field of behavior change and has published results in various peer-reviewed journals. The Iterative Mindset Quiz stands on the shoulders of this research, bringing the latest brain science to you and equipping you to make healthy behavior changes.  

We recommend taking the quiz every one to three months to understand how your capacity to iterate has evolved over time.